Sunday, September 18, 2011

Album of the moment

This featured album is Dave Mason's "Mariposa de Oro". I found this album, I remember seeing it in at someones's house a long time ago. I put it on and I think I have never heard a side of an album that touched me so. It ends with "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow", which has been said by some as the most beautiful rendition of that song.
Dave Mason came from England met Steve Winwood and eventually formed the group Traffic. He left and then returned about a year later,writing alot of their songs. Winwood left and went to Blind Faith (it just amazes me as I research some of these albums, how inter-connected everyone was.) Mason then went on to join Jimi Hendrix in "Experience". I see that Mason is 6 degrees of separation from my first pick The Lovin' Spoonful who worked with The Mamas and the Papas and Dave also worked with Cass Elliot, making the album Dave Mason and Cass Elliot. It's all cool. Listen and be delighted.

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